Description BTS Edit

Neptune is the bad tempered King of the sea and the merfolk. He has a big white beard,and rides round in a carriage pulled by dolphins. He carries a trident, and it is the symbol of his power. He made the law that merfolk could not marry a human, because he was bitter and mournful from when he had fallen in love with a woman named Aurora Romanova and she died, trying to swim to his realm. Although Neptune has a horrible temper, and can be a bit rash, he usually makes the right decision, and knows that his rules are not always right.

The Castle in the MistEdit

Neptune is the one that's doing everything to Emily. He is very frustrated when Emily puts on the ring which he put the curse on. Emily is literally scared of him after the surprise of them landing next to a castle in the mist. They got there because Neptune made them go up in the sky.