Mr. BeestonEdit

Real Name: Charles Beeston

Lighthouse keeper in Brightport. He works for King Neptune and was drugging Mary P. so that she wouldn't remember Jake. All up until Emily found out and put a stop to it. And It happened

The Tail of Emily WindsnapEdit

In the story, Mr. Beeston is working for Neptune, and he knows where Emily's dad is. He has written a ton of experiments about Emily, her mom, and her dad. The only thing he wants to do with Emily's mom is to make sure that she can't remember Emily's dad is in prison for being married to a human when he is a merman. He puts memory drugs in the donuts that she eats. Emily gets mad at Mr. Beeston for drugging her mom. He claims that he did it for their own good. Emily forgives Mr. Beeston and makes him promise to do her a favor. Emily shows off her tail to her stuck-up classmates in Brightport, then Mr. Beeston drugs them with the donuts so they can't remember seeing Emily's tail.