Mary Penelope Windsnap is Emily's mom. Penelope is her middle name. Most people call her Mary P, except for her husband, who calls her Penny as a nickname. She falls asleep easily, and snores very loudly. She also sleeps in most of the time. She didn't let Emily swim or go in water until she was in 7th grade because she was scared of the water. In the first book, they live on a small boat called The King of the Sea. It is also called King for short. Mary goes with Mr. Beeston, whom she says is a lonely man until Emily says he was drugging her and he admits it. She believed that he was the lighthouse keeper in Brightport. Mr. Beeston drugged Mary in the donuts so she wouldn't remember that she married a merman, Jake. She used to live on The King of the Sea with Emily. Her friend is Millie, who babysits Emily. Also, her mom is in every single book. List THREE of  the traits.  Mary also starts crying everytime Emily asks her about her Dad.