The Castle in the Mist
Title: The Castle in the Mist
Author: Liz Kessler

When Emily discovers an old diamond ring, how is she supposed to know that the ring is half the key to unlocking a curse from Neptune himself? Now with the ring stuck firmly on her hand, Emily finds herself under a new curse put upon her by Neptune himself , How will she break the curse what will happen to the Emily Windsnap we all know and love?Edit

Summary Edit

The Castle in the Mist is the third book in the Emily Windsnap series. Emily Windsnap is a 12 year old girl who is part mermaid and part human. Her best friend, Shona, is a mermaid as well. In this book Emily puts on a ring that curse a curse put on by Neptune. Now Emily has to say good bye to one of her parents, unless she can get the help of a mysterious boy named Aaron.