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Emily Windsnap is the main character of the Emily Windsnap series. She is the daughter of Jake Windsnap and Mary Penelope Windsnap. Emily is considered a semi-mer- half human, half mermaid. Her best friend, Shona, on the other hand, is a full mermaid. She formerly lived on a boat called The King of the Sea in Brightport with her mom and then on All Points Island with both of her parents. Edit

She is the heroine in the Emily Windsnap book series- note that they are named after her. Her mother, Mary, has so far not allowed Emily to attend swimming lessons. In seventh grade, though, her mother allows her to participate and this leads Emily to discover a wonderful secret. When fully immersed in water, Emily transforms into a beautiful mermaid. Emily has to be careful that she doesn't get caught- and survive the mishaps that would befall her.

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Emily has shoulder length brown hair (which she is trying to grow longer), and warm brown eyes. When Emily is a mermaid, her tail has a shiny, green, blue tail with purple scales on it.

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The Tail of Emily Windsnap Edit

In "The Tail of Emily Windsnap", 12-year-old Emily swims in gym class. That's when she realizes that she is half mermaid. Emily starts sneaking out at night to swim in the ocean. One night, she meets a beautiful mermaid named Shona, who shows her a whole mermaid world under the ocean. As Emily struggles to keep her secret, she discovers that her father is a merman and had met her mother and fallen in love with her, which was forbidden by mermaid law. Emily never knew much about her father but her mom had always said that he had left soon after her birth and didn't return, although Emily eventually realizes that her mom doesn't actually remember him herself! Emily also discovers that her father is in an underwater prison, punished for his actions with her mom, he and her mom departed that day. Emily must free her father, and reunite her secret. And all the while, her creepy next door neighbor, who had always seemed just a little too friendly with her mom, bringing her donuts all of the time and paying unexpected visits, is becoming more, and more, of a problem.

Emily Windsnap and the Monster from the Deep Edit

In this book, Emily lives on Allpoints Island, protected by the Bermuda Triangle. In the beginning, she's trying to fit in with Shona's new friends, Althea and Maria, as they talk about the scary thing that lurks in the caves that no one has ever found out. So, naturally, Emily convinces Shona to come with her in the caves to impress the other mermaids. Inside, they find skeletons and a monstrous beast called the Kraken, King Neptune's pet. While escaping the caves, Emily finds a golden trident etched in the caves and finds out she was in Neptune's territory. Shona and her survive, but from then on in the book, they grow distant. Meanwhile, Mandy Rushton, Emily's enemy, finds a mail letter to go on a fantastic cruise. But sadly, in the end, they end up on a rickety boat with an old captain. Then, the Kraken attacks the boat and the boat sinks, taking the captain along with it. For the time being, the captain is thought to be dead. Now stuck on a tiny island, the Rushton family stuggles to survive and Mandy's mom hates that her husband, Mr. Rushton, has become obsessed with mermaids and claims to have seen one. He later catches a mermaid (later revealed to be Emily), and Emily convinces Mandy to release her from the net...

Emily Windsnap and the Castle in the Mist Edit

The book opens with Emily's mother telling her to go to school. While Emily is eating breakfast, Jake and Mary Penelope discuss/argue about Emily's schooling. Emily keeps worrying that her parents may split up. On a B&D field trip, Emily finds a diamond ring. She soon finds out that it is stuck to her finger and she cannot get it off! Neptune raises a curse on her, and at midnight the curse will decide whether she is a mer or a human. She goes to find the castle of the mist, her only hope to break the curse, and finds out information she had never been told.

Emily Windsnap and the Siren's Secret Edit

Emily goes back to Brightport with Aaron and his mother. They hear legends about the missing sirens and go out to find them. Soon, they come face to face with a danger, and one of Emily's friends gets stuck in the cursed area! The rest of her friends end up going on a dangerous mission to release the captured acquaintance.

Emily Windsnap and the Land of the Midnight Sun Edit

Emily and Aaron go on a mission for Neptune. They find out that he has an evil twin brother, and go on a life-changing adventure, meeting new friends along the way and proving that Neptune has traitors working along his side.

Emily Windsnap and the Ship of Lost Souls Emily can enter Atlantis to try to bring the ships passengers back before the portal to return is closed forever. If she fails, not only with the passengers never see their loved ones again, but Emily won't be able to return either. She must resist the allure of Atlantis! Edit

Emily Windsnap and the Falls of Forgotten Island Emily is headed to a tropical island for a relaxing with friends and family. And this time, Emily promises her friend Shona, that there will be absolutely no adventure — just plenty of fun. But somehow excitement always seems to find Emily, and before she knows it, she ends up on the other side of a powerful waterfall on a forgotten island no one else can get to. Well, no one that isn’t a half-mer like Emily and her boyfriend, Aaron. The people who live on the island believe in a prophecy that foretells how they can be saved from an imminent, devastating earthquake — and this prophecy seems to revolve around Emily and Aaron, as well as a mysterious, mythic giant. Will they be able to find the giant — and fulfill the prophecy — befvgygyvjcgffhgxfhgxhdtxdtxhtdxhdhtxdt hd thxfdhdxthdtxhdtxhdfxhdfxhxdfhdxfhxdfhfxdgxdfgxdfhdfxhfs gsfxsf gsf xrdxthdxrhdx dfhfdhxdfxh dhgfg hd ghgdh cgn Mary Penelope Windsnap and her father, Jake Windsnap. She also considers her friend Millie as family. Edit

Friends Edit

Emily is best friends with Shona. In Emily Windsnap and the Ship of Lost Souls, she also considers Mandy Rushton as one of her best friends. She secretly loves Aaron, and in the later books, she finds out his feelings for her as well.

Romance Edit

Emily is currently dating Aaron

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